WP-CLI on Windows

WP-CLI has been one of my favorite discoveries of late. It provides you great level of control over your WordPress installation and helps you achieve some every day tasks, all through command line. Very useful! In this article I will run down how to get WP-CLI running on your Windows development environment, as well as some of the commands I find useful.

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Colour At Monte Bird Garden


20160428_161703I recently had some leave and decided to visit the Bird Garden at Montecasino. I have been there in the past but forgot just what an awesome outing it is. All the birds and animals seem really happy and are well cared for. The gardens are beautiful and manicured. You can see a lot of care and money goes into the park.

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Swimming in the sky


It’s always good to be present and look for the beauty that surrounds you. Even at someplace random… like the car wash, where I took this photo. I really enjoyed their quirky out of the ordinary placement.